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Blockages in your subconscious mind, DNA and energcould be keeping you from accessing the full potential of your fields and subliminals,

becoming the best version of yourself


and manifesting the life you dream of.

During childhood, we're in a constant delta state-


this means we're ultra-programmable


The soul that craves love, acceptance, and understanding...


can be wounded easily at this stage...


Patterns that form in early childhood can be lived out unconsciously our entire lives
and even embedded in our DNA


Being made to feel we're unworthy or unlovable as a child
could be controlling the way your life is going
right now
and blocking the
manifestations you're waiting for...
Slowing down the progress of your morphic fields
This is what people mean when they talk about "wounds of the inner child"

What's even more crazy?
These blockages don't even have to be our own

This was discovered thanks to some laboratory mice...


The mice were given the scent of cherry blossoms then administered a mild shock.

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Eventually, the mice came to associate the scent of cherry blossoms with pain and freaked out whenever they smelled it


Then, the researchers tested their descendants.


Even in the 6th generation, the mice would freak out at the scent of cherry blossoms even though they had no actual experience of the electric shock.

That means there are things you may be carrying in your body, mind and DNA that are blocking you from manifesting the life you want, need, and deserve.


Think about what you already know from your parents and grandparents...


there's so much that could have happened in the past six generations that you don't know about


You're carrying those blocks and the blocks from your early childhood and past lives in your DNA

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You can still get great results from morphic fields, subliminals and other healing methods



There's a way you can make it

and more POWERFUL

This morphic field that

It unlocks the full power of your morphic fields and any other healing method

Amplifies your fields and subliminals more than anything else that has ever been done

It opens up your DNA, Energetic Core and Subconsciousness making you

ultra programmable


You could listen to your fields and subliminals as usual


But you'd be getting less than half of what you could be

With blockages that are keeping you from accessing 
the FULL POTENTIAL of your life


Ask yourself...

How would your life change if you could receive the full results of any morphic program, subliminal, or mantra you listen to?


How would you feel in your new body?


What would it feel like to finally manifest all the results you've been waiting for?


Your special for today...

The Key

Enhance Amplify Unlock

Enhance, Amplify, Unlock.png

This field removes anything that is standing in the way of your dreams


It removes blockages in your body, mind and spirit- 


In your DNA, from past lives as well as emotional, subconscious and psychological blockages

Then it amplifies and enhances your ability to make the life you dream of reality

It works similarly but more effectively than any amplifier because it amplifies YOU at the most core level so that you are able to manifest and create the body, mind, health and life you desire

The Key

Enhance Amplify Unlock

Enhance, Amplify, Unlock.png
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