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How nature's cycles and patterns impact us personally

Did you know that the seasons and cycles of nature directly relate to our mental health, wellbeing and overall experience of life

Fractals are patterns that reoccur in nature, For example the spiral of a seashell can be seen in a sunflower, our DNA and even the universe itself An iteration is a recurring point in a fractal We can see these cycles everywhere

All the planets as well as the earth and moon have cycles. Even our lives are made up of cycles The seasons repeat themselves, each time at a different iteration. This creates the pattern of the spiral The earth does not go back on itself and repeat the same day but rather starts again one step further from where it started yesterday Day and night can be seen as another iteration of waking and sleeping, or life and death. When we are awake during the day we are more in our bodies We temporarily go to the subconscious or metaphysical realm during dream state and astral travel The seasons also show a cycle of life and death- when everything comes to life in the spring, is at it's fullest in the summer, dies in the autumn or fall and remains dead during the winter We may even find ourselves mimicking nature within our personal health journey and lives As we grow we may come back to things and relearn them on a deeper, more meaningful level This is because we are part of nature You may notice your emotional and physical health change as the seasons do. For example, you may always feel a very similar way during a certain point in the year You may have more electric energy in the summer and more magnetic energy during the winter Your favorite season may also be telling of your personal nature in your current stage of life. We can make many cycles of life during a single lifetime We move through phases similarly as the moon does- We find that the person we were is no longer the person we are. Oftentimes old versions of oneself are called dead Yet we in the truest sense are still alive