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The importance of grounding 🌲

Grounding is the practice of stilling your awareness and bringing it back to center-

Releasing sporadic energy and excess thoughts and coming down into your body and connecting with this moment and your senses

This is an energy program that recreates what happens in your body, mind and spirit when we practice grounding

As you ground you connect back to your body and the earth,

you release energy that is not yours and that does not resonate with you— things you may have picked up from other people, places, things and concepts.

These very important practices for everyone who is energy sensitive,

especially if you're around a stressful environment or bustling environment

It helps steady busy minds and end thought loops (where you keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again)

It also helps if your energy and awareness is in a lot of different people and places and you need to come back to yourself

The earth and the air is generates negative ions When we go outside and immerse ourselves in nature it's like giving all of your static, excess energy to the earth

Here are some grounding practices

🍃Go outside, stand on the earth with bare feet

🍃Feel the wind, the air, the sun, really experience everything with your five senses 🍃Feel your skin, this allows you to drop back into your body

🍃Feel the earths energy

🍃Bury your feet in the ground

🍃Visualize that you have roots that are extending into the earth. You can use your breath here to help you visualize. Imagine that you are breathing down your body, through your feet and deep into the earth

Studies have shown that grounding:

🌳Addresses chronic pain 🌳Improves sleep 🌳Improves heart health 🌳Improves mental health & clarity 🌳Helps many people feel better almost instantly

We recently made a free energy program that induces grounding

Feel free to check it out on YouTube